SXSWORLD Magazine Launch Project

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SXSWORLD is the official magazine of South by Southwest Conferences and Festivals, published five times a year, including two issues created on-site during SXSW in March. The magazine is styled to be a cross between a trade publication and a guide to the event. Its content keeps SXSW registrants informed about current industry news, updates them on conference announcements and profiles featured and keynote speakers.

The magazine evolved from the SXSW Preview Guide, which was published every February, six weeks before the conference. The idea sprang from the need to create a new revenue stream for the sales department through advertising and to have a traditional, tactile format to feature more in-depth coverage of each conference’s high-caliber programming.

Because SXSW is, at its essence, an industry/B2B event about very consumer-driven ideas and products, I was sensitive to the difference between our business audience and a typical consumer audience. I designed the magazine to be simple, straightforward and balanced and incorporated each year’s new look and feel to give the layout a bit of punch and a sense of connection to the current SXSW season.