SXSW Marketing

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Every season, from August through March, the SXSW marketing team creates and mails five brochures to promote the event, all coinciding with registration price-increase deadlines. As a part of the SXSW Marketing Team, I am responsible for the third piece in the series which drops in the first week of January.

By mid-December, much of our programming has been confirmed and is ready to promote. The greatest challenge of the third mailer is communicating to our registrants that huge variety of simultaneous events, by access level, in a way that’s easy to digest. In 2010, I proposed creating a visual timeline of our overlapping conferences, graphically calling out programming highlights and special events. The timeline has now been a centerpiece of our marketing design for three years and grows in detail each season.

Pictured: SXSW Marketing Mailer #3 for 2010-2012
6″ x 9.5″  //  Accordion fold with self cover

Download PDFs of the full-size mailers for a detailed look at the timeline